27 April 2011

Miu Miu

How freaking perfect is this whole outfit? 
And throwing even MORE Miu Miu into the mix could never hurt anything especially when it is a neon fantastic bag. 

09 April 2011

I just ordered these from Moxsie!

Even though I am obsessed with shoes, I am totally odd about the whole "sandal/flip flop". 
As a rule I avoid them. There is something about exposed feet and toes that seem to be completely avoidable by choosing a pair of flats (which seem more dignified not to mention cleaner). 

With that being said, I thought it was high time I overcame my fear and found a sandal that would allow me to embrace casual comfort for the humid days of summer that are on their way. In some cases, glitter flats and platform boots just to not seem to cut it for pool side picnics. 

Here are the pair I picked. 

I love them! They have most of my favorite elements. Leopard, teal, metallic, straps. 
Of course I found them at Moxsie. They are selling insanely fast (the red ones are already gone) so go, go, go!! Retail is $120.00 and their customer service is above and beyond any I have experienced. 

In honor of this purchase, I was browsing Edge of Urge and found some new purchases I think are in my future.

Did I make a good choice? I hope sandals are worth the pedicures they require! 
You will still never get me in regular flip flops! 

X- Stacey

Moxsie.com - Moxsie Independent Fashion

Love Fade

Tuesday I had a transformative experience. 
I went to see one of my favorite bands at my favorite venue which would have been fantastic in itself but the opening act completely stole my heart. Visually and mentally I was just overcome. 
Music fuels my soul and touches every aspect of my life. Lately I was just not feeling any real connections with new artists. Sure some of my can't live without artists were finally releasing new material but I missed the feeling of new discovery. 

Tuesday that changed when I saw TAMARYN.

The music is exactly what has been missing in my life. Lush soundscapes that reveal more depth upon each listen, her voice is urgent yet calming. I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders.
The projections used throughout the set are incredible. I highly suggest buying a copy of her album "The Waves" and if you are lucky enough to live in the Bay Area she is a local girl so show some love and go catch a show if you can!

The headliners of this show were THE RAVEONETTES. They are always amazing so no surprises here. Sune and Sharin are equally inspiring to me on an almost daily basis and each chance to see them is always special.

I hope that Bonny, who adores The Ravonettes as much as I, happens to see these pictures! I thought of her while I was taking them hoping there was going to be a date close to her!