28 February 2011

Oscars 2011: Best Dressed

CATE!! She is freaking FLAWLESS. The dress (obviously), her HAIR is amazing but her best quality is her fearlessness. I adore her outlook on life and how she carries herself. 

And everyone knows Scarlett is crazy beautiful but I love her hair here. I really have a problem with people who equate "glamour" only with stuffy old fashioned up-do's. Ladies, let your hair down! 

Oscars 2011: Black Swan Style

It is no secret that we here at The Bas Couture LOVE everything about Black Swan. 
Portman, Kunis, Rodarte, and ballet make one hell of a film. 

And of course we think they rocked the Oscars. 

24 February 2011

Old but still great.

It is no secret that I adore Kate and this short film is fantastic. 
I highly recommend checking out Antony and the Johnsons version of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love". It turns into an entirely different song with Antony Hegarty.

x- Stacey

20 February 2011

in this corner of the ring...

so tonight ended up being super low key, which was super nice because I have been cleaning ALL day! I am in phase 1 of packing for moving soon. This means I daydream most waking hours of how I will decorate my new place, listen to good music, and bust my ass.

I wasn't going to let the ass busting stop me from going out, so I went to a ska show with a cool co-worker. It was at the U of M Union and it was in their bowling alley area, good music, mellow and fun :o)

http://theprizefighters.net/ <---- the band's website

you can only sort of tell in the photo, but I couldn't decide between Pink Friday, and the new Gaga 2 Viva Glam from MAC- SOOOOOO I wore the Pink Friday lipstick with the Gaga lipglass! They mix beautifully! love it!

I wore a Harajuku Lovers shirt with some pants I got in Hong Kong, L.A.M.B. watch, "Return to Tiffany" bracelet modified with HL charm, skull/spike bracelet, and stud earrings- with the standard ska show shoes- Doc Martens!

and of course, a favorite of mine that no one in the US ever seems to go for...


so the band gave me a total SUBLIME vibe so I am now sitting here chillin, drinking wine out of a teacup and listening to the 40 oz. to Freedom album... this album is love

Cleaning out stuff and getting ready to pack is awesome! I found these sunglasses that I thought were long gone! I can't really do regular Wayfarers, they just don't work on me, but I love them, so I was happy to find these (I will call them) "Nayfarers" at Target, the shape is a little bigger so I get the style and it works on my face.

I have found HELLA other stuff while cleaning too, stuff I can use to decorate the new place! SCORE :o)

17 February 2011

Wrap Me Up

I am currently lusting over this coat/cape/snuggie mullet from Alexander Wang. 

It looks like a odd sleeping bag that you can wear in public and that makes it a-ok by me. 

X- Stacey

16 February 2011

Black Out The Windows

I have been a terrible blog neglecter but hopefully a little new music will make up for it. 
My favorite musical artist of recent times, since I first heard him as the lead singer of The Afghan Whigs around 1990, is Greg Dulli. 
He is rather a local boy having grown up just 90 miles up river in Cincinnati. 
His music, from The Afghan Whigs to The Twilight Singers to his solo work to The Gutter Twins, has always shown up at the exact points in my life when I need it. 
In the interview below, you can download his cover of "Don't Call" a song by Desire. 
I highly suggest doing so. His covers are magic.


Greg Dulli

The Daily Swarm - The Daily Swarm Interview: Greg Dulli, Shot On Location (Plus Free Download Of New Non-LP Song)...

13 February 2011

my birthday suit...

SO, I have had a totally awesome birthday weekend so far and I have chronicled my outfits in iPhone photos! My goal once I move and get settled into my new place, is to have a good photo set up to start doing outfits justice!


Friday I wore my "Who Killed the Newspaper" tunic hoodie that I bought in Hong Kong with some leggings and my "What do we do when we fall off the horse?" boots :o) and my FAVORITE Dior stunners.

I actually got quite a few compliments on the Newspaper top! Even from the lady at the Target fitting room- who knew? haha

and I am starting to feel like Justin Tranter from Semi Precious Weapons with my Trouve leather jacket in so many pics- but his awesome jacket was part of my inspiration bug to find this jacket anyway so it works!


On Saturday (my actual Birthday) I realized there was no way I could go without getting one of the MAC Wonder Woman belts, so I picked myself up and got ready to go to the MAC store un Uptown. I figured what better day than any is my BIRTHDAY to wear my Monster varsity jacket. I thought the girls at MAC would be more into it, but I just got weird looks! Although at Urban Oufitters the guy that rung up the cute top and iPhone case I got was LOVING it! :o)

I also wore some custom dog tags I had made that say my name, birthday, and "WALK THE WALK"
I got them after this quote came out from Gaga's Rolling Stone interview-
"When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, 'BITCH, you're Lady Gaga: You get up and walk the walk today.'"

and I do say this to myself now, well, with my name inserted haha... LAHV it

I got the dog tags done by http://www.soldiercity.com/
VERY inexpensive and they ship fast!


For dinner, I ended up going out to an AMAZING Greek restaurant in Uptown with some super cool chicks from work. I know this looked good because on the way back to my car I got a "Girl you know you lookin good." from a friendly stranger... haha, I will take it!

Also must have scared some poor Minnesotans "Ohhh nooo, I hope you don't FALL in those" haha! I just gracefully and carefully walked over some ice while saying "I know how to walk in my shoes" before using the crosswalk like it was a runway and showing them who was boss!

The jacket and pants are Trouve and the top is Wessex, shoes Forever 21! ha, they are some of my favorite shoes though!

and since the iPhone photos don't showcase my accessories here you go- it's a good thing that Wonder Woman card came in the mail YESTERDAY! haha, literally after I went to 3 MAC counters in 2 days collecting my haul!
Han Cholo chain hoop earrings
L.A.M.B. watch
name necklace
& random bangles and stud bracelets and such

My birthday ended up being super awesome and even Capital H-I-M gave me a present, a BEAUTIFUL sunny day!!! I was even able to take Dukes out to run around on the frozen lake!

12 February 2011

to the invisible plane!

I just couldn't help myself- I went to another MAC store to get the belt!


so yesterday was the release day for MAC's new Wonder Woman collaboration and I had been anticipating my appointment for weeks in excitement!

This is my far my favorite collab yet- I love everything! I wish I could buy it all! but I was prudent.

I still REALLY want the Utility Belt Brush set but I might just be good and stop where I am!

the mirror is pretty sweet too!

photos from www.maccosmetics.com

the packaging is so awesome! even the inside is printed with stars! LOVE LOVE LOVE
I especially love the jumbo size lipglass!

this is what I got:

Powder Blush in Mighty Aphrodite (love the name) the color is so pretty- would work on anyone!

Eye Shadow set in Lady Justice- I am obessed with BLUE right now and these are rich beautiful shades.

Opulash Mascara in Themyscira- blue mascara - I die- takes me back to high school!

Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapidblack- it's eyeliner in a marker, dries fast, and has staying power- LOVE!

Lipstick in Marquis D'- the light shimmery peachy pink complements the blue shades of the other items I got SO well!

Lipglass in Emancipation- goes PERFECTLY with the Marquis D' lip color :o)

I also got a couple other non-WW items to supplement

Eye Kohl in BLOOZ- GORGEOUS deep blue!


Cremestick Lip Liner in Sublime Culture

good stuff!

and here's me wearing it- and wearing my amazing bow from Allyson! (@allysonmaniac) MONEY HONEY!!!

bow by http://www.KustomVoodoo.com/
@MissKV on twitter- yeah the skull has a good tooth- ballin

11 February 2011


I know Stacey might make a McQueen tribute post, but I thought it wouldn't hurt if we end up having two.

A year ago today, the world lost one of it's most talented and amazing beings.

There is a part of me that will never grasp, understand, or accept how such a remarkably visionary artistic person could believe there was nothing to live for.

I pray that he is at peace now, making Heaven a more beautiful place.

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen


Aside from some MAC makeup, I only own one McQueen item, from the collection he did for Target~ I will always treasure this dress.

I wore this dress to see No Doubt on their Summer 2009 tour~
and I also wore it to my cousin's wedding in October 2010~ I will keep this dress for the rest of my life.


07 February 2011

What do we do when we fall off the horse?

"Sorry Maury, I'm not a gymnast."

when I fall off the horse- I shop for shoes over lunch- works for me!

There's this cute little store called Len in the skyway... everything's insanely marked up, then it's "ALWAYS 50% off" lol, it's such a scam, but these shoes ended up being only $40. I've been wanting some like this so they were pretty much a must have...

At least even though it was a rough day over something kind of silly, I got some cute cheap boots and a post out of it!

06 February 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

edited to include the very inspiring and touching "Imported from Detroit" ad- also featuring Eminem

well, I haven't turned on the game at all yet, but pizza is on it's way and I will turn it on in a few.

I am a HUGE Eminem fan- love him! I could go on and on but I will spare you.

I don't usually love it when my favorite artists pimp themselves out for products like this, but this commercial is AWESOME- so legit and SO true to Shady, love it!

you're so new...

I always love it when I finally get a chance to wear new stuff! Last night I went out for a farewell party for one of the most awesome women I know who's moving back home to Michigan, and although it was bittersweet, any chance to dress up makes me happy. 

These Rachel Roy boots were a Black Friday find and I've been itching to wear them since I got them! You know when you get asked, "Did you get those at the Future Store?" the style is a good choice! haha
Rachel Roy clothes and shoes, and jewelry, are some of my favorites! Great quality too!

I also have been really wearing a lot of BCBG lately- I recently got amazing deals on this dress and leather jacket!
Oh, and a little advice that would make my Mom proud- WEAR A SLIP ladies! No one wears slips anymore- just remember the proper undergarments can make an outfit look even more fab!

and I was SUPER glad that I blew off errands for a pedicure and getting my nails done yesterday! I always feel an outfit is more complete if my nails are lookin fly too!

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!