22 December 2010

old news

I have been meaning to post my Thanksgiving outfit since, well, Thanksgiving...

It was a SUPER cold day in Minnesota so my sweater maxi dress I had recently gotten from Forever 21 was perfect, especially since I layered another sweater over it. The sweater is just a sweater from Target that I wear to work... I RARELY wear my work clothes outside of work... but this just seemed to work. (how many times can I say work? :oP)

I will get the bizarre-ly posed picture out of the way first...

these shoes are going to end up getting worn quite a bit... I love how the deep green looks ith the lavender and purple hues.

topped the outfit off with some of my favorite accessories... I got these peacock feather earrings YEARS ago... they were one of the first accessories I bought when I started working and making my own money... I got them on ebay, they were handmade and came from Santa Cruz, CA... these were the days before Etsy even existed so I am happy I was able to find good handmade stuff on ebay! although now I think you can get peacock feather earrings pretty much anywhere!

and of course, my Dior sunglasses in my favorite color... the sun shines pretty bright off the snow!

and the most wonderful accessory of all... a red cup with a yummy warm drink from Starbucks.... completes any outfit!

20 December 2010

King Knight=Holiday music. Yes?

Today started off with an 8:00 am dental appointment (I am scared unreasonably of all dentists and their drills) so I have been a little on edge all day. 
My MacBook Pro received its holiday present today that I ordered from Moxsie and of course it could not wait to try it on! It FINALLY has a laptop sleeve. YAY! It is so furry inside and such an awesome deep purple. I must say she looks very pretty in her coat. Not that she has ever been out of the house but now she is ready! 
In anticipation for what I hope to get for Christmas (and if I don't I will buy it myself) I bought a hot pink case for an iPhone 4. Is that bad to buy accessories for things you haven't got yet? 

Moxsie has the best customer service. I receive everything I order from them SO fast and they wrapped everything which was a huge help and a great surprise! 
They also have tons of amazing independent labels for unique finds no matter who you are shopping for.
For readers of The Bas Couture, to receive a 15% discount at checkout simply enter:

The other store I have been looking at today is I Don't Like Monday's. This is mainly because the carry one of my favorite brands, Stolen Girlfriends Club. Check out this dress!

And while we are on dresses:

This one is by Maurie Eve. LOVE the buckles.

And look at these pants!

By Cheap Monday. Like bondage pants but more wearable.

And by Obesity and Speed (obviously) the shorts that match the tote bag I want. They are sold old but a quick trip to the closet to find a pair of jeans that can be cut into shorts will allow the studding to commence. 

X- Stacey

There is only one Prince

17 December 2010

30,000 feet up and you are not invited

I am not sure how successful this post will be since I am on a plane to Cali right now... but I will try

I will keep it short and sweet... this is a tribute to my awesome L.A.M.B. Zeyn boots that I packed and hope to wear in Cali, and a funeral for my long, natural, blonde hair


you may be gone but you're never over...

and on a lighter note... someone wanted to play instead of watching me take photos with my boots :oD

to be continued...

Wishing on a star

These are things I am currently dreaming of:

Obesity and Speed studded cross tote $110
at Bona Drag

TEAMO Morrissey Tee (A Bona Drag Exclusive) $80

Irregular Choices Longer Lashes boot at Solestruck.com

These 3 things would make me a happy, happy lady. 

X- Stacey

15 December 2010

Sleigh Bells and Snowflakes

I will admit it. I am really not a holiday person. Don't get me wrong, I like the eggnog and holiday flavored lattes Starbucks offers this time of the year but I rarely get this big rush of holiday fever. I would MUCH love if the meaning of this season was not gifts or big dinners or parties but rather just some much needed quality time with family I do not get to see nearly enough of. 

I am listening to Sleigh Bells but not the ones on the reindeer and both of us at here at The Bas Couture have snow to keep us occupied so the next thing to do is look for pretty things on the internet. 

I don't really know why I love this dress but I do. ALOT. It has snowflakes on the sleeves! 
And the shoes are freaking pink. 

So do you expect a big holiday gift party or are you happy with the simpler things in life?


Both items above are at Topshop!

11 December 2010

tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

L.A.M.B. watches, I LOVE them!!! I got my first L.A.M.B. watch on release day, I got the classic white "Renaissance" watch (the one with the old english text)

I own a lucky number SEVEN lamb watches... I want more!!! just taking the pics for this post makes me want a new watch...

even the packaging is awesome... at first they came with the gold printed boxes, then the tins :o)

also craving a vintage Rolex since the words graced my ears by a friend... like a 70s one, haven't actually looked for one yet, thinking of getting this one from karmaloop though

and for your time (no pun intended)... one of the best music videos of all time :oD

10 December 2010

Raven Black

So, I have been wanting to change my hair for a while. I LOVE blonde. I (well, rather my amazingly talented and patient colorist Danielle) have logged many hours in the chair in order to achieve little tweaks in color which I think make a huge difference over the years. Sometimes I feel like being as white blonde as we can possibly get, while other times I feel like a little old school dirty blonde is called for. Whatever it is my heart is desiring at that particular time, Danielle can make it happen. A hair goddess fairy. 
Well, as usually happens every so many years I have decided I want to opt out of the blonde life for a while by taking the biggest step I have ever taken with my hair. 
I am going black. Tomorrow. 
I know! What happens if I don't like it? It will take forever to get back to blonde! 
My thoughts on this are just what they have been when my hair has been purple, pink, whatever...
It will grow. That is the beauty of this change. Not to say I have not had hair disasters in the past but live and learn right! 
Here is my inspiration pictures and come tomorrow Ms. Lezark I am going to be a part of your raven haired club.

What do you think? This is my hair as of the last time I had it colored.


08 December 2010

it's too quiet!

I have so many things I want to post/ have been meaning to post about but have had so much trouble getting behind the computer! Between work being busy, getting ready for my vacation home to CA for Christmas, and knowing that I will only be back in the office for 3 days after my vacation before I head to Hong Kong for a work project! I guess when I write it out like that, it makes sense I haven't posted in a while!

Enough with the explanations, let's get on to the cuteness~

I am totally in love with this Olympia Le-Tan book purse that Natalie Portman was carrying at the Black Swan premiere in New York. Adorable!

It is just too much!! But the prices are over $1000 so I will have to come up with a creative solution because I feel like I must have something like this!

Kate Spade also has a collection of book purses, but I still don't see myself spending a few hundred dollars on one of these :o/
(even though they are amazing too!)

So, I guess there is another project on my list of a million projects I keep committing to and never finding time to finish lately!! I am hoping with the new year (and with Winter keeping me stuck in the house) I will be able to follow through.

I know exactly which book I'd want to use as well, hopefully if and when I follow through and make one, that can be it's own post ;o) That will get added to my long list of projects! Hopefully in the New Year (and with Winter keeping me in the house!) I can get to the many projects on my list!

01 December 2010

It's still getting worse after everything I've tried....

I think we are skipping school. I have been overtaken by a crazy illness that allows me to be awake for a few hours a day and Robyn has been eaten by a monster called work. 

Hopefully all will resume as normal very soon. I do have "Pretty Hate Machine" to keep me company. If this album doesn't get me moving again I am in trouble. 


27 November 2010

Table Tennis Anyone?

This is a rather nonsensical picture post that includes magazine purchases I made today, my skincare routine and other odds and ends. 
Most importantly, the main purchase of the day was a ping pong table which is being put together now and will live in my living room. My husband will enjoy winning his matches against me too much so I better start practicing while he is at work! 

My little dog decided he wanted to join in on Thanksgiving and did so by eating almost half a pumpkin pie! He is fine but pumpkin pie is my favorite thing about Thanksgiving since I don't eat meat so I was a little sad when the pie ran out faster than usual. But hey, it IS a day of sharing.

At the bookstore I found what I want for Christmas. I don't normally get gifts since the theory is I buy them all year long but there is a book simply called "Alexander McQueen" and it must be mine. 

I am asking for your help! I am changing hair colors from light white blonde to.... well, that is where you all come in! If left alone, it will look like Ashley Olsen's hair in the picture below (which is fine). The question is should I go more golden like Kate? How about dark with light tips and channel Alexa? Or do you like Mila's highlights? Help me out!

I love that new magazine smell.

Kate Moss, Vogue's Best Dressed of the Decade (Duh)

Ashley Olsen, Vogue Best Dressed Supplement

Mila Kunis, Nylon December 2010

Chanel saved my skin. I am hooked for life.

The only red, nude, brown lip palette you need. Chanel does not disappoint.

My FAVORITE Chanel collection. I found a buyer book with each look broken down. <3

Getting prepared to play some table tennis (and redecorate the living room), 
X- Stacey

Black Friday

well it's pretty much over now, but I wrote an entire post earlier and it was so perfect and then Safari crashed and I lost it all... I only had enough time to make the post... so sadly, I will have to have a do-over tomorrow...

but anyway, as it is still Black Friday in my home state, I will proceed...

"Black Friday" can't we call it something different? maybe even green Friday since people are spending $$$ or perhaps, holiday kickoff day... "Black Friday" just sounds so ominous!

anyhow, I was just browsing around online and came across this amazing dress on modcloth.com~ I wish I had an extra $399.99 laying around, this dress is perfection!

I also LOVE this dress... but I got a couple holiday kickoff day deals myself and I need to restrain myself! I may end up owning this dress at some point, I just hope it's there the day I give up resisting :o)

Happy Black Friday holiday kickoff day!!!
all photos from the source~ www.modcloth.com

24 November 2010

gobble gobble

I wore one of my FAVORITE pairs of shoes today! It kind of sucks because some of my favorite shoes, I have BARELY worn! :o/
My parents bought them for me for my birthday in 2007, I LOVE them! (my parents and the shoes :oD)
They are Sam Edelman, I love his shoes but these are the only pair I have. 

I brought up some pics from the archive to share some outfits I have worn with them. I'm joking about the archive thing, but really I have been photographing outfits for a few years now, so I think it might actually be pretty accurate!

The first time I wore them I wore this bright blue dress with them. I was OBSESSED with finding something in that color to go with them and I kinda love what I found :o) and super cheap from F21
picture was taken sometime in 2007
After the first time I wore them, one of the black leather covered button caps fell off. Now a less wise version of me may have been bummed and considered them ruined, but I made the best of it and added this brooch I got at a flea market over the broken button, it looked super pretty when I wore it with a pair of dark green tights- one of the few un-photographed outfits, I promise it was cute :o)
The second time I wore it, I wore it with some classic L.A.M.B. pieces and some Citizens of Humanity skinnys- COH makes some amazing and great fitting jeans and they are so soft!
picture was taken in Fall of 2007 :o)

Most recently I've added a new brooch over the broken button- 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! everyone have a safe and happy holiday!!!
this is what I need to be doing after looking at these old pics!

oh, and my verdict on the new Kanye- love it, love him!