30 January 2011

what goes perfectly with burgers and fries???


A little over a year ago I became ~inspired~ after watching the Lady Gaga "Telephone" video (now one of my top favorite videos EVER)

and I decided if I can't wear Diet Coke cans in my hair on a regular basis, the next best thing would be to make a bow out of a Diet Coke can!

and voila! I did! and I wore it WITH actual Diet Coke cans to my Monster Ball in August :o)
(this photo is from the "dress rehearsal" hair)
I thought the coke cans could use some rhinestones too... never can have too many! ~and later added the rhinestones to the bow too.

here's my hair/outfit from the actual Monster Ball
good thing I did the dress rehearsal it turned out pretty awesome!

SO, a little less than a year ago I ALSO promised Allyson (@allysonmaniac) that I would make her a Sugar Free Red Bull bow and I've FINALLY gotten around to doing it after thinking about it all the time!

Allyson will be receiving her bow as soon as I get my ass to the Post Office! It has even more rhinestones than mine :o)


I came across some fun stuff while I was "researching" Jeremy Scott adidas last night!

I am in LOVE with the French Fry print and I discovered it's a print he used in his Fall 2006 RTW line! I absolutely ADORE when designers bring a print back like this! I get so sad that each season is so final and it doesn't come back again :o(

These pictures are GEMS and I just had to make a second Jeremy Scott post!

images from the whole line can be found at the source (New York Magazine)- here

I want this outfit to wear at Christmastime!

and I really want a hamburger skirt!

and my imaginary boyfriend can wear the matching top-

and if we go to a fancy ball I can wear this!

the entire collection is just totally adorable and NOM-licious!

DONUT bracelets!!!
and this foodie print makes me totally wonder...

maybe some of my FAVORITE older Harajuku Lovers was Jeremy Scott inspired- we've seen Gwen rockin some Jeremy Scott a few times!

how do you do that shit?

Nicki Minaj performed on Saturday Night Live last night... for her performance of "RIGHT THRU ME" she was wearing a GORGEOUS dress from Christian Ciriano's Spring 2011 collection.

It's almost as if the dress was made for her...

she looked amazing and gave a FLAWLESS performance!

more videos of her HILARIOUS and awesome skits, digital shorts, and second performance (all in equally cute outfits and wigs!) can be found here- http://mypinkfriday.com/news/22621

why am I awake?

that is a good question- and I totally can't stop thinking about the Spring 2011 Jeremy Scott for Adidas line! I've been meaning to post about this for a while!

I've read that everything sold out on pre-sale already, but I am hoping I can at least snag something up somehow!!! I would kill for something in the french fry print!

I am just gonna post source links under each photo because finding photos of this stuff is like an online treasure hunt!
I've always been kind of obsessed with adidas originals and I am somewhat newly obsessed with Jeremy Scott so it's a match made in tracksuit heaven.

Jeremy Scott is one of my favorite designers- I pretty much want one of each of everything he's ever done.

I need to find this copy of Nylon Magazine Mexico

I pretty much love everything! especially the teddy sneakers and the french fry print, there are some pretty sick leopard print sneaks too! I wish I could have it all!!!

here's some photos I could find for your viewing pleasure

even Weezy's been seen rockin some of the sneakers!!!

now I am going to run around looking for a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser because I realized my blue stained hands from my hair touch-up tonight have made blue fingerprints on my poor little macbook!

good night!

29 January 2011

better late than never

I have been SO busy with work, I haven't even time to check out the Couture shows! All thanks to Stacey for covering those, now that I am caught up with work I will have to go back and check it out.

What more can I say, Nicola Formichetti for MUGLER is amazing!

I know I am late to the party but this just needs to be posted here for posterity.

more photos and info on Nicola Formichetti's blog

no more words, I will just post the video...

Couture Spring 2011

As always I love Givenchy. 

The backs of these dresses are just blowing my mind. I want to live in them. 

I am REALLY glad John Paul Gaultier has returned to the land of couture. His collection was brilliant. 

X- Stacey

24 January 2011

Mens fashion is rough

While looking over all the images of the latest offerings from the world of mens fashion it occurred to me that while I personally as a female like some of these pieces for myself, I am having a hard time imaging any male I know that would jump at the chance to wear drop crotch pants. 
I was really on a mission to find wearable pieces and trends guys could pull from the Fall 11 shows. It might be helpful for you to know that as far as mens style goes I think that Morrissey and Joy Division are at the top of the pyramid. 
Joy Division

The show I loved the most was Gucci. This year the house turns 90 and I love the way the kicked off the year with 70's luxe that is so wearable. The entire collection is worth posting and you can check it out at www.style.com



Another show I really liked was Yigal Azrouel, a New York based designer who decided to show in Paris. He has a lot of great pieces for layering (including chunky cable knit sweaters which are supposed to be big again this year for both men and women). He said one of his main reference points for this collection was Basquiat. 

I know everyone was excited for the Mugler show and some of the pieces (most actually) were very wearable. 

And you weren't getting away without a McQueen. The sash vests and military coats were very good but the black velvet jacket mixed with the yellow tie and sightly oversized trousers was the winner for me!

What are you thoughts on the shows? 


All pictures were taken from www.style.com

23 January 2011

from the street to the runway

I have so many pictures from Hong Kong I still need to share! It's so hard to categorize them.

EVERYWHERE I went, airports, the street, the hotel lobby, store displays- EVERYWHERE, everyone was wearing fairisle and nordic prints, even some Aztec/South American inspiration in there. I happen to LOVE this- yet I do not own nearly enough of it. Usually stuff I find is kind of too corny looking, but between pants, socks, jackets, etc. I know there's some cool stuff out there.

I really hope this trend blows up more in the US! I've got a few months left of freezing weather where this kind of stuff would be appropriate, and perhaps this could help me hate next Winter a little less ;o)

I was SO happy, one of the last nights of my trip- to find the skull fairisle hoodie sweater I got! it's so perfectly what I was looking for!

I didn't take pics of everything I saw, but you'll get the idea. I was almost sick of seeing it by the time I left, haha, but I still LOVE it!

I totally want these pants!

This dude was totally my favorite-


So you can imagine how much I LOVED Junya Watanabe's show in Paris this week! (I'll help make my men's Paris fashion post a little shorter by including this on this post!)

photos from the source at www.style.com

I love that he took patterns that are usually suited for sweaters and incorporated them into more structured garments.

Also, I have a strange obsession for hot ginger boys so I love his model selection as well ;o)

He had a lot of great leather pieces as well- check it out

22 January 2011

Return of Saturn...

OK so I know I just posted but this is urgent, haha!

I have wanted this Burger and Friends dress FOREVERRRRR from Karmaloop, yet nothing has set me over the edge to buy it yet...

until now! (photos from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1349195/Nicki-Minaj-shows-outer-space-look-London.html)

totally buying the Burger and Friends dress tonight!

I totally love Nicki Minaj on the collabs I have, and I LOVE her style! but I haven't really warmed up to her own stuff yet, I need to just buy it and blast that shit until I love it! I wannabe one of her Barbz!

(love her Gucci boots too!)

21 January 2011

Milan Fashion Week- Mens AW 11/12

I saw the bat signal calling me to make a post on my take on some of the Mens fashion we've been seeing!!! I haven't looked much at Paris yet- but I was stalking photos, twitter, etc. during MFW and I saw SO much stuff I loved! I don't usually pay much attention to Mens fashion, but it was bound to happen at some point.

so, since I tweeted my favorites already... I think it's only fitting I post some photos! All photos from the source www.style.com


D&G was my top favorite!

I absolutely love the americana/70s feel of a lot of this... obviously I love all the furry and fluffy coats, and dropped crotch pants are a personal favorite.

It's totally worth a stroll over to http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/F2011MEN-DG to look at all of it! I am trying to limit it to a few favorites here and it's hard!

I am so excited with all the bright blue I've been seeing on the runway... I am in love with blue right now!
I will try to keep it to just one photo for the rest!

"Loved Etro & everything I heard about their invitations and "cow stuff" sounded supercool"

It was extremely difficult to pick ONE favorite for this!

"always love Jil Sander... super simple with bold color, perfect"

"Prada had some amazing lurex sweaters!"

It might just be super bright shiny rayon or something and not lurex, but whatever it is I love it!

"Vivienne Westwood might be tied up there with D&G for me!"

another one worth checking out the entire show!!!


"McQueen was amazing! I need a leather cape lined with tartan"

you should probably go look at all of these too!


and there you have it... my favorites- I might do a whole post on Paris, but to be honest MUGLER is the only thing I have looked at so far, and frankly that deserves it's own post!