27 November 2010

Table Tennis Anyone?

This is a rather nonsensical picture post that includes magazine purchases I made today, my skincare routine and other odds and ends. 
Most importantly, the main purchase of the day was a ping pong table which is being put together now and will live in my living room. My husband will enjoy winning his matches against me too much so I better start practicing while he is at work! 

My little dog decided he wanted to join in on Thanksgiving and did so by eating almost half a pumpkin pie! He is fine but pumpkin pie is my favorite thing about Thanksgiving since I don't eat meat so I was a little sad when the pie ran out faster than usual. But hey, it IS a day of sharing.

At the bookstore I found what I want for Christmas. I don't normally get gifts since the theory is I buy them all year long but there is a book simply called "Alexander McQueen" and it must be mine. 

I am asking for your help! I am changing hair colors from light white blonde to.... well, that is where you all come in! If left alone, it will look like Ashley Olsen's hair in the picture below (which is fine). The question is should I go more golden like Kate? How about dark with light tips and channel Alexa? Or do you like Mila's highlights? Help me out!

I love that new magazine smell.

Kate Moss, Vogue's Best Dressed of the Decade (Duh)

Ashley Olsen, Vogue Best Dressed Supplement

Mila Kunis, Nylon December 2010

Chanel saved my skin. I am hooked for life.

The only red, nude, brown lip palette you need. Chanel does not disappoint.

My FAVORITE Chanel collection. I found a buyer book with each look broken down. <3

Getting prepared to play some table tennis (and redecorate the living room), 
X- Stacey

Black Friday

well it's pretty much over now, but I wrote an entire post earlier and it was so perfect and then Safari crashed and I lost it all... I only had enough time to make the post... so sadly, I will have to have a do-over tomorrow...

but anyway, as it is still Black Friday in my home state, I will proceed...

"Black Friday" can't we call it something different? maybe even green Friday since people are spending $$$ or perhaps, holiday kickoff day... "Black Friday" just sounds so ominous!

anyhow, I was just browsing around online and came across this amazing dress on modcloth.com~ I wish I had an extra $399.99 laying around, this dress is perfection!

I also LOVE this dress... but I got a couple holiday kickoff day deals myself and I need to restrain myself! I may end up owning this dress at some point, I just hope it's there the day I give up resisting :o)

Happy Black Friday holiday kickoff day!!!
all photos from the source~ www.modcloth.com

24 November 2010

gobble gobble

I wore one of my FAVORITE pairs of shoes today! It kind of sucks because some of my favorite shoes, I have BARELY worn! :o/
My parents bought them for me for my birthday in 2007, I LOVE them! (my parents and the shoes :oD)
They are Sam Edelman, I love his shoes but these are the only pair I have. 

I brought up some pics from the archive to share some outfits I have worn with them. I'm joking about the archive thing, but really I have been photographing outfits for a few years now, so I think it might actually be pretty accurate!

The first time I wore them I wore this bright blue dress with them. I was OBSESSED with finding something in that color to go with them and I kinda love what I found :o) and super cheap from F21
picture was taken sometime in 2007
After the first time I wore them, one of the black leather covered button caps fell off. Now a less wise version of me may have been bummed and considered them ruined, but I made the best of it and added this brooch I got at a flea market over the broken button, it looked super pretty when I wore it with a pair of dark green tights- one of the few un-photographed outfits, I promise it was cute :o)
The second time I wore it, I wore it with some classic L.A.M.B. pieces and some Citizens of Humanity skinnys- COH makes some amazing and great fitting jeans and they are so soft!
picture was taken in Fall of 2007 :o)

Most recently I've added a new brooch over the broken button- 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! everyone have a safe and happy holiday!!!
this is what I need to be doing after looking at these old pics!

oh, and my verdict on the new Kanye- love it, love him!

21 November 2010

I wish everyday the sun would shine~ take me to another place in my mind...

How do I follow such an awesome post?! Stacey has set the bar high for awesome photos so I hope you don't mind my iPhone and Photo Booth pictures :o)

I had a nice lazy day yesterday watching movies and old episodes of Married with Children, but at one point I got bored and decided to play with my hair, which led to me playing with clothes. 
I sit in my closet occasionally and listen to music and kind of just put outfits together, some work, some don't, but I am constantly playing with what I can put together. Then sometimes I get some time to wear them or try them out. Since I was already all dressed up for Saturday night, we decided to go to Sushi too. I am not above getting dressed up to just stay at home, but it's always nice to get dressed up and go out!

Before I get into the clothes, I know our profile mentions our dogs, so I take this opportunity to introduce Dukes!
He always loves my outfits and likes to sneak his way into photos. He's like the Zoolander of dogs- if dogs could be male models, he would be the first :oD
this must be his Blue Steel

being a male model is very tiring- so he dozed off on the recliner while I was getting ready. 
If he were awake he'd be admiring my floral tights. 
I love floral prints but RARELY wear them, in fact, I think the only other floral printed thing I have is my L.A.M.B. ditsy graffiti bag. These tights seemed like something I could make work though, and I LOVE them! I got them at Target [I get a lot of things at Target, I love it :oD]
They go perfectly with my new shoes!

I am using more muted colors lately and more neutrals, I guess I am inspired by the weather (it's cold and icy and gray), and my MAC Tartan Tale makeup too! I spent most of the Spring and Summer with bright candy colors and pastels, so it's a fun and actually a little unexpected change for me. But I love color, so the more I can expand the palette in my wardrobe the better!

My purple gloves kept me nice and warm last night, it's getting colder by the day here! Good thing I have my HL Snow Bunnies perfume, it doesn't offer warmth but at least I smell good :o)

I absolutely adore religious artwork and this jewelry went well with my outfit last night, it's hard to see up close in some of the pictures, so I photographed it separately. It's kind of funny, but some of it I purchased at a flea market in San Jose, CA- and other pieces I purchased on a trip for work to Guatemala and Nicaragua. It's the exact same stuff but it was cheaper in CA! I can't get enough of this type of jewelry and it makes it's way into a lot of my outfits. The studded bracelet is from Forever 21. Oh, and the ring is from a super sweet lambie named Eden, who sent me one after I saw hers at the very first Bay Area lambie dinner.

enough with the accessories! I wore all of these beauties with my navy blue Tucker for Target dress. I got the dress for like $10 on 75% off clearance! (I can't resist a good deal!)
I wish I had gotten a good photo of the back!! it scoops down really low and has a pretty ruffle. I love everything about this dress! I love the longer sleeve length and the sort of shirt-tail hem... it went perfectly with the floral tights and forest green wedges!

this is where I wish I had a better photo! I am refusing to let myself use the self-taken iPhone photos in the mirror!
Hopefully the cuteness outfit comes across even though it's chopped up into pieces to show here!
I felt cute wearing it and I am so in love with my floral tights, that even though I RARELY wear an outfit the same way twice, I might just save this one for xmas eve at my sister's house. It will be in a different state, so it can be an exception!

and since you can never have too many studs- I topped the outfit with my Trouve studded leather jacket- it's butter soft and a new favorite of mine :o)

17 November 2010

EuforiA Spiked Bracelet

A while ago, The Style Rawr featured the jewelry designer Amanda Eufer and her company EuforiA. 
Since The Bas Couture has never met a stud or spike we have not liked, we immediately fell in love with her designs. Edgy yet refined, there is ALOT to love when you browse her site. The pieces combine materials that make them not only a pleasure to wear but a feast for your senses. Be prepared be asked "Where did you get that?" multiple times when you wear these babies out. People really love the uniqueness of Amanda's designs! 

This is the Spiked bracelet. The combo of velvet, metal, spikes and gold chain woven together looks fantastic yet it is lightweight and easy to wear. It retails for $80.00

Perfect for Holiday presents! 

Check out the entire collection at

X- Stacey

15 November 2010

a fatal attraction to cuteness!

it's about time I post about one of my favorite brands! Harajuku Lovers takes up a good portion of my closet and there's a good chance that if I am dressing casual and comfy, at least one of the items is probably HL.

I almost fell out of my chair when I just went to www.thegiantpeach.com to see if they had any new Super Kawaii goodies and I came across these jeans!

I LOVE the knit waistband and the little tab at the mock fly actually has the image of a zipper pull on it! I absolutely ADORE the amount of detail that is going into Harajuku Lovers these days! It's the type of detail that went into the first several seasons of lamb, where there are little "Easter Eggs" in the garments and just as much cuteness is put into the inside of the garment as the outside!
one of my FAVORITE "Easter Eggs" in HL is the "made you look" on the back of the Country of Origin labels, a nod to the "with love" on the back of the older L.A.M.B. labels.
for a clothing nerd like me, those little things just send me over the edge! 

I won't buy these at the moment, because today I realized, I don't have to buy something just because I am posting about it, haha! but these will be mine, they HAVE to! Hopefully I can catch them on sale, but they've just moved to the top of my list, even past all the boots I am lusting over right now!

all images from the source

reread rewrite redo undo~ i'm stuck on this page

The wonderful Vivienne Westwood is releasing some beautiful paper goods! Even better, they are eco-friendly and bound in silk fabrics from the current season.

I have several empty notebooks and not much need for a yearly planner, but I am LOVING the 2011 Tartan Diary!

There is also a beautiful Union Jack Notebook,
and this adorable Squiggle Notebook!
Once I do the conversions from pounds to dollars (if they even ship to the US), I am sure I will be snapped out of the desire to purchase one of the notebooks, but any of these items would look gorgeous sitting on the table in front of me in a meeting at work!

all products listed in this post can be found here- http://www.viviennewestwood.co.uk/shop/gifts/

14 November 2010

idle hands

I can get lost for hours on Etsy, but I don't browse or go on there regularly, though every once in a while~ while I am bored or waiting on something~ I will do some browsing.

My usual searches are "skulls" "spikes" "tattoo inspired" and any other random things I think of as I am browsing. 

Today I came across these earrings from this super cute shop VivaGailBeads

They are too cute and too reasonably priced to not snag up!
Once I receive them and see the quality (I am thinking they look like they will be pretty nice), 
I might end up coming back and doing some Holiday shopping :o)

I think my favorite part about these is that the skull has a huge smile :oD

12 November 2010

cheap shoes

 I buy cheap shoes ~my philosophy on expensive shoes... shoes get worn out, I like to dance and they get scuffed up, they get totally messed up in bad weather, etc. etc. so I really don't mind buying cheap shoes if I find them in cute styles. Besides, all the most expensive glorious shoes I have, I never wear because I don't want to mess them up :o/

anyway! I just ordered myself these shoes. I don't normally shop www.alloy.com but I got their catalog in the mail for some reason, and checked it out. I knew I was going to buy the wedges the first look I got, haha... I am trying to get better at saving, but I busted my ass at work this week and the least I can do is buy myself a $32 pair of shoes, so I am ordering them :o)

they will look super cute with some textured or lace tights.

they remind me of these L.A.M.B. shoes I would love to buy 
~I'm hoping they end up on Gilt or at Saks Off 5th~

11 November 2010

fish out of water

I must be insane---or maybe just a free bitch afterall--- but I am compelled to post a pic of my swimsuit (with me in it), it's the first time I've worn it and I've been dying to wear it since I got it months ago!

I love anything 90s and Target had the CUTEST "Body Glove" style suits this year and I had to have one.

I am wearing it with a sports bra underneath because I'm headed out to the gym to swim as soon as I post this. I saw these girls layering their suits at the lake this Summer (they call it a beach, but I feel like you need an ocean to call it that) and anyway they looked so adorable so now I've started layering random bikini tops and sports bras under swimsuits, plus it's more comfortable for laps. These girls at the "beach" were also mixing and matching swim tops and bottoms a bunch and it was super cute. Totally love the idea of layering one piece suits with bikini tops underneath too.

Anyway here it is--- off to swim and chill in the sauna :o)

ooh, swish~

A friend posted this video on Facebook yesterday and it is too good not to share- perhaps the electric headlight is a primitive form of Disco Stick.

I don't know who Eve is, but she certainly is fashionable- and these prehistoric trend forecasters aren't too far off.

10 November 2010

first things first

FINALLY making my first post!* - before I start, I just have to say thank you to Stacey for doing ALL the work thus far on this blog. I am so excited to be doing this, and I really want to devote enough time and energy to this to make it great--- but as anyone who knows me knows, I spread myself pretty thin. but here's the thing, this is pretty much something I already do- talk about clothes, think about clothes, wear clothes, develop clothes, take pictures of clothes, take pictures of myself in clothes, send links and pictures and clothes to my friends- so if I just post it here instead of FB or whatever, it will be more fun for everyone :o) 

so,  let's talk about my closet. it's pretty much my favorite room in my place, it's the only room that is really remotely decorated since we don't really know how long we want to stay at this place. It is really pretty much the best thing about this place though, it's huge. All other houses I look at from now on, will have their closets compared to this closet. I pretty much just need an extra room, I would LOVE to have an extra bedroom to have as a creative room/closet. I am working on that.

and then there is the other thing- I only keep my fun clothes in here, (yes here, I am posting from my closet, haha) I keep my work clothes in a separate closet downstairs. They are so boring- I don't want them mixing with my other awesome clothes. 

Anyhow, I just cleaned it out this weekend, normally I organize the clothes differently, but now they are kind of just wherever they ended up. It had been a mess for a few months, so I am stoked to have it clean again, and I kind of like how everything is just all mixed up together!

I have a bunch of other stuff in storage too, especially shoes, I can't wait until I have more room and a better way to organize stuff! I love to sit in here and just play with stuff and put outfits together. 

I also haven't figured out a good way to store my workout clothes or pajamas, I need a cute dresser or something, I don't like the one I use now. That can go in my design room/closet when I have it :oD

anyway- here I am, I will try to post more, work is pretty insane right now but this will be a nice escape.

*i promise to make future posts more images/less text ;o)

08 November 2010

We were a New Blog Focus on The Style Rawr!

The lovely Tara and Jade, rulers of The Style Rawr kingdom, were so kind and featured us as a new blog focus for their readers. It was such a thoughtful thing to do since we are such a baby in this great big world of blogging and are still figuring things out. We can not thank you enough for your support!

If you by chance have not had the pleasure of checking out The Style Rawr yet, do it! No one rocks Charley 5.0 like them and the Wildfox models can just retire right now. 

They are running a great competition right now, so get creative and enter!! 


07 November 2010

Let it Snow at Topshop at least!

Wow! Topshop has some amazing things as always. I really surprised myself and did not buy out the Kate Moss collection that was released on November 2nd. After carefully looking at each piece and putting it in my cart I realized that out of the 3 things that really caught my eye 2 of them could be found at my favorite local consignment shop. Now that is how you really obtain a style that is true to Kate and yourself. 
But Topshop does have some offerings to kick your wardrobe into shape for this crazy cold weather we are having! Which do you think would be the best addition to the overflowing closet?

This faux fur cross body pouch is $70.00 and it is full of leopard goodness. 

The beading at the top of this dress is so good and the color makes it easy to wear. You could really throw a cardigan over it and wear it during the day with flats then change it up for a night out. I think it is a really good deal for $135.00

This is a GREAT faux fur jacket! The colors make me just think of snowball fights, lattes, and warming up by the fire. I need your help! I live nowhere near a Topshop (sob, us poor US girls are so out of the loop) so when they say "hip length" this could anything as I have learned from my many orders. If you are around a store and see this jacket, please try it on and report your findings.


All images from http://us.topshop.com

05 November 2010

Jessica Stam in Vogue Italia November 2010

I am totally in love with Jessica Stam. You will come to know this. 
Here is the supplement she has graced us with for Vogue Italia, November 2010

Source: tfs

03 November 2010

Go Robyn! (This is not Robyn!)

Our own Monster made it on Gagaween 2010

One half of The Bas Couture is a freaking DIY superstar and has made some creations that are perfection. Robyn can recreate almost any look that she puts her mind to and has made our experiences at Lady Gaga's  Monster Balls a LOT more special due to her handiwork. 
Now she has been picked by Lady G herself to be included in a slideshow she put together of the best Gaga halloween costumes of 2010! Robyn is around the 1:46 mark and I will leave it to her to tell you the story of her amazing hand-studded jacket that really will leave you speechless. Oh! And ask her about her last half marathon as well!
She is at the 2:07 mark too! Great job Robyn!!

01 November 2010

Closet Calling

My closet is an ongoing source of frustration. A true love/hate relationship. It holds all these things that make me extremely happy (WAY too many things actually) but then it turns on me by dropping a shoe box on my head when I least expect it. Given my tendency to buy too many things and not be able to get rid of things easily, my poor closet is OVERFLOWING! It can either be like you are in wonderland or hell. 
SO, I am tearing it all apart and rebuilding it. 
Do any of you have any great organizational tips? Or maybe you know of a great place to buy organizational supplies? If you could make your dream closet, what would be your must haves?

Until then, I will try and avoid stepping on any hidden heels.


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